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Applying the New Creative Toolkit to Your Organization

When you’re ready to start designing your SuccessStory — but you don’t have the time to do it yourself — we’re here to help. Whether you need simple coaching to master the process or one-of- kind solutions custom-designed for you, our team of facilitators is ready to use our breakthrough Story Design tools and techniques to give you and your team the leading edge.

We can mentor your leaders and stakeholders — anywhere in the world — in the art of storytelling and the tools of story design. We can help you build stronger teams that work harder and more passionately toward the objectives of your organization We can work directly with you on short- or long-term projects to bring the power of STORY to your specific strategic and innovation targets.

At SuccessStory™ Dynamics, we know that STORY can transform your results. That’s why we offer private consulting services in addition to our workshops, to ensure your mastery of these vital tools. All of our consultancy services can be delivered in person — individually or in groups — or remotely, according to your budget and needs.

Our consultancy services generally come in three broad forms:

Our consultancy services generally come in THREE broad forms:


Individual or
Small Group

(A customized private workshop for you or your organization)

SuccessStory™ Workshops are designed to be flexible, so participants always learn the art of storytelling and our unique story design tools in a living, breathing environment. Every workshop is unique, as we build the stories that are relevant to the group’s immediate needs.

In our private consultations, we go even further. Before the event, we conduct an initial analysis and evaluation of your needs, and select the consultant or team that’s most suitable for you. We then work directly with you or your key stakeholders to fully understand the circumstances of your organization to craft a customized version of our workshop to address the exact outcomes you seek. Where necessary, we can also create specific story tools to meet your exact needs.

This option is ideal for small groups or organizations who have time-sensitive objectives, or who want to keep the event private and focused on your organization’s needs.


Support and

(Ongoing check-ins after a workshop to reinforce
and guide your progress)

Whether you attend a public-facing SuccessStory™ Workshop or a Small Group Consultation, you’ll leave with an experiential grasp of story, our creative Story Design tool kit, and a clear path to creating your unique SuccessStories. But if you want additional guidance as you implement it on your own, we’re here to help.

In our Milestones consultancy, we allocate one (or more) of our SuccessStory Design experts to work with you to ensure your projects or goals stay on track. Our consultants identify Key Performance Areas and Indicators (to measure the outcomes of your project) and SuccessStory Milestones (so your results are clear and tangible) — two unique features that are exclusive to our proprietary story design tools. By doing so, we have a precise roadmap to your success.

This consultancy service is designed to work at your convenience. We can deliver short- or long-form sessions remotely (via Skype or webcam meetings) or in person,depending on your needs.


Premiere Targeted

(When you want to leave the story design to someone who’s already skilled at it)

Sometimes, you just want to outsource. But the truth is, the only person who can design your SuccessStory is you. That’s why our premiere consultancy service involves one of our top consultants literally crafting your story with you. We work hand-in- hand to identify your needs, shape your story, and follow up with extensive help and insights to show you the story beyond the story. It’s like having a story design expert right there on your team.

In our premiere DESIGN service, we do all the heavy lifting. We use the principles, techniques and tools we teach in our workshops — and then work synergistically with you to take your own efforts even further. We can help you with specific projects, public relations needs, mission planning, innovating within your industry, preparing tenders, or just about anything you can think of.

This consultancy service is ideal for when you need top-shelf results, or are looking to bring in an expert who can lead the charge. We can work with you remotely (via Skype or webcam meetings) or in person, depending on your needs.

Let’s Turbocharge
Your Organization

To get the most out of our services, we encourage your team to attend our SuccessStory™ workshop, to understand the concepts and the basic principles involved. That way, we have a common language, everyone gets some initial experience with the techniques, and we can help you reach much further with this new creative muscle. You can attend a public SuccessStory™ Workshop or our Small Group Consultation (above).

Then, our targeted follow-up sessions ensure results as quickly as possible. Whether you’d like us to facilitate and guide strategic planning meetings, create partial-day or all-day events with your small teams, or work one-on- one you’re your best and brightest, our whole aim to turn your story into a SuccessStory.

The SuccessStory™
is ideal for:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Relaying Impact Stories
  • Outlining Visionary Tenders
  • Building Powerful Teams
  • Shaping Your Mission Statement and Values
  • Crafting Corporate Stories & PR
  • Designing a Dynamic Product Launch
  • Defining Compelling Start-ups
  • Solving Urgent Publicity Needs
  • Communicating Change to Stakeholders or Team
  • and much more

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