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New Tools for the Modern Business Era

Each of our workshops is a unique immersive experience, designed help you use the power of STORY as a real-world business tool in practical situations. We offer:

  • 1-Day Workshops
  • 2-Day Programs
  • 5-Day Comprehensive Retreats

We have a variety of workshop types to ensure that the principles of STORY and the tools of STORY DESIGN are understood at a root level. Scroll down for more details.

Workshop Types

All of our workshops are interactive and hands-on. Each presents our unique mix of insights, tools, and techniques that apply STORY to specific situations. These include:

  • The STORY Workshop (our flagship)
  • The StoryTelling Workshop
  • Targeted workshops

STORY can be used in any business or organization in a variety of ways, from strategic planning and innovation to team-building to day-to-day operations, and more.

What Makes
Our Approach

Storytelling is more than a buzzword. Typical approaches to storytelling focus on creating anecdotes for basic communication.

At SuccessStory™, we go much deeper. Each workshop opens up a new window on your world — your organization, your problems, your competition, yourself — a new lens that empowers you to truly engage and inspire.

  • Unique business/creative synergy
  • Proprietary SuccessStory™ toolkit
  • Ongoing collaborative approach
  • International perspective
  • Wider story applications

Tools and

We have developed an array of tools and techniques drawn from the business and creative worlds to help you identify the story behind any situation, and shape it to deliver a success outcome.

Each workshop teaches you how to use and apply our proprietary toolkit to design your unique SuccessStory.


THE STORY LENS (our newsletter) offers semi-regular insights about STORY in the modern business era, along with updates from us.

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